Kontakt 6 Player blacklisted

Just updated Kontakt 6 player in Cubase 10.5 under windows 10 and it shows up as blacklisted. Developer shows as unknown and VST2 not 2.4. I’ve reinstalled without success. Has anyone been able to resolve this? Checked the Native Instruments forum and didn’t see any problems or workarounds for this. All of the other players installed fine. Installed it as a vst3 64 bit plug-in in the Native Instruments 64bit plug-in folder.


did you try to re-activate it from inside the plugin manager in Cubase?

yes…it crashed Cubase 10.5

There is another thread on here about the same thing. I’m still using 6.2.2 Full which (knock on wood) is working fine - so I’m sticking there for awhile. If you can revert using a System Restore Point or a Backup you might consider doing so.

It would be helpful if folks included the specific Kontakt version numbers in their posts so others know what to avoid.

The same here. Cubase 10.5 Pro. I installed the kontekt 6 Player (Version 6.4.2 R93) and it was blacklisted after installation and adding the VST64 Installation path. The reactivation worked and I can use the plugins but why is the latest Kontakt Player blacklisted?
I took a while to find the reactivation solution to get the things work.

I’ve had Cubase blacklist the full Kontakt 6 a couple times, and Komplete Kontrol that last few times it has been updated. Always the same message that it has taken too long to load.

Could do with a Cubase setting, to set how long we are willing to wait for a DLL to load. So we can upp it a bit