Kontakt 6 player, modualtion control stopped working

Hi there

In Cubase,I had noticed that Kontakt 6 modulation control has stopped working,it does not respond,fully to my Akai mpk249 mod wheel.

I haven’t touched the keyboard settings,I have changed to another USB port.I have tried another keyboard same issue

Also when I go and move my mod wheel control it only gives me only a small amount of movement,instead of a full range as before

I got a headache trying to figure this out.So any help or advice would be greatful.

Going to have a break now,figure more out tomorrow


Just an update,I have put the midi monitor on the Kontakt player Vst ,And noticed that in there, when I move my mod wheel it goes from 91 at the lowest point to 127 on the highest point.Instead of zero to 127 as expected

Really odd,checked my keyboard again the settings are the same as before.I am at a loss as to what the problem is


Is it the same on all tracks? Is it the same even with MIDI track? Do you use any Input Transformer by any chance?

Hi Martin,thank you

Done some investigating and the same issue is on my other daws,so its not an isolated problem.I have re installed Kontakt 6 and the same issues is occurring
Im not using Input transformer

Weirdly,when I touch my Akai keyboard mod wheel,the Kontakt player mod wheel only moves at a small amount.Before it was moving full range


What happens, if you record the MIDI CC1 (Mod Wheel)? Can you see the full range has been recorded (then the problem is on NI Contact side) or just limited range (then the problem is in the keyboard)?

Thanks Martin :slight_smile:
Good point to include for my investigation,will try that and get back to you.I’m convinced its Kontakt 6, but will check with my daws too

I did include the midi monitor on the Kontakt track. The info came back saying my CC1 was outputting the full range I can use my expression foot pedal,without any problems

Going to keep looking,thanks again for your help Martin,much appreciated