Kontakt 6 Tiny Gui / Small Window Cannot be Resized [FIXED]

Windows 10

  • Loading any Kontakt 6 instance OR creating a new instance of Kontakt results in a very unsual Kontakt window (GUI) approximately 1"x1"!
    This is not resizeable, there are arrows to drag in around but it cannot be resized.
    Under Cubases Window, WIndows you cannot reset the size or use any of these functions to enlarge the tiny GUI.

You are also unable to get into Kontakt and modify any parameters.


Boot up a previous working version of Cubase (I used Cubase 9.5 Kontakt seemed ok)
Open up Kontakt 6, go to settings, Interface, press:Reset Window Size.

Shut down Cubase 9.5 (I rebooted, you may not have to)
Open up Cubase 10.5

Problem fixed.