Kontakt 7 upgrade from K6

I upgraded to Kontakt 7 tonite. All good. However, when I opened a song that previously used Kontakt 6. I had to set up from scratch all my outputs etc. in Nuendo 12. But I found a great workaround. Delete the Kontakt 6 vst3 from your VST3 folder (I’m on MAC). If you still have it delete the VST2 as well. Change the name of Kontakt 7 to simply “Kontakt”. Just delete the 7. When you load a song that used K6, Nuendo will brilliantly substitute the new Kontakt plugin for the old and you can work as before with no changes necessary. Whew!!

Hi Ted. Once you’ve removed the older versions you don’t need to rename K7. The replacement should work regardless.

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Good to know. Before I removed the old K6 versions I had too much to adjust. I was so proud of myself for coming up with that workaround. It should be a FAQ at NI but they don’t seem to be as “on it” as they were in previous years. I’ve always had an endorser rep or two at NI in the US and Germany. But not for a few years.

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I have a lot of projects with Kontakt 5 and 6 so this feature would be great for me. However, it doesn’t work here: Whether I rename the Kontakt7.vst3 or not, a Kontakt 5 or 6 instance is not replace with Kontakt 7. Is there something I need to setup for that feature wo work?
Best, Robert

Could be a few things. Which version of Cubase/Nuendo are you using?
What are the old Kontakt versions? 32 bit or 64? VST3?

Sorry, my bad. I’m using Nuendo 12.0.50 on MacOs 12.6.1 The old Kontakt versions are Kontakt 5 vst2 64 bit and Kontakt 6 vst3 64 bit.

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Hmmm not sure then. Ofc make sure you are on latest versions of all. Certainly no need to rename Kontakt 7. I’ll do some digging and come back to you. :pray:t3:

Nb. Presume you did remove the other older Kontakt versions? (No need to uninstall if you worry, just temp remove the plug-in files).

I did a test project with just a Kontakt 6 vst3 track in it. After deleting the Kontakt 6 vst3 I get the message that Kontakt 6 is missing, when opening the project. Kontakt 6 is not replaced with Kontakt 7.

Ok I am hoping this will be the solution:

  • First 12.0.50 is not the latest version. Latest Nuendo is 12.0.52 and this exact issue was improved in that version. So get that and install it.
  • Close Nuendo
  • Delete the “Cubase Pro VST3 Cache” folders in preferences.
  • Then do a full plug-in rescan.

Ps. You should not necessarily need to remove older version of Kontakt either.


That did the trick, now K5 and K6 are replaced with K7. What a great, timesaving feature!

Thanks for helping me find the solution, it’s much appreciated!

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that’s interesting - are you saying it will replace older versions of Kontakt (5/6) instances with v7 even if you still have the older versions installed ?

I thought this was only in cases where the older version isn’t available ?

I’ve some libraries that don’t work well with V6 so continue to use them in V5 - Wouldn’t want them randomly replacing.

Hi buddy, no, I am not saying that, as I think you already know from other posts with answers from Yvan etc.

What I meant was there is no need to remove older versions in order to do the procedure I mentioned. In other words you can do the procedure and later on you can remove older versions if you want. My bad if it was misleading, I apologise.

Honestly though, I don’t understand why so much ambiguity about this.

All you have to do after installing v7 is temporarily move Kontakt 5 or 6 and load a project that used 5 or 6 and see what happens. Or leave v5 / 6 in place and see what happens. It literally took me 30 seconds to check after installing 7.

I guess this info will be useful for people who have not yet updated to v7 though. :slight_smile:

hi buddy - there is ambiguity because it was released with a single line ‘explanation’ on the 12.0.52 release notes without any further information on how this would work…and with which plugins.

Yes, you can search through these user forums to get more detail - but as you can see, ‘user’ posts can also add to the ambiguity - hence my questioning your reply.

Thanks for clearing that up that particular confusion.

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