Kontakt and Absynth hanging Cubase 6.5

I wonder if anybody out there is having the same issue? I can be happily working on a project. I have a number of VSTi’s loaded. I decide I need another Kontakt or Absynth and when I add it Cubase freezes. The only way out is to manually shut down the computer.

I am working with:
Windows 7 64bit
Latest version of Cubase 6.5
Intel 3.4 x 6
12gig ram
Fireface UC

There are two likely causes.

  1. You are using 32 bit plugins bridged
  2. You have a MIDI keyboard or Controller with automapping software installed.

You were right about both! That is where the problem originated.
However I have uninstalled automap and deleted all the dll’s and I have also deleted all the 32 bit dll’s. I had thought it was because when I installed the new 64 bit versions that I had 2 sets of 64bit dll’s so I deleted them as well.

Quite often I cannot change projects within cubase and have to fire up from the desk top.

Anyone want to buy a Novation Zero SL?