Kontakt and CPU

When we load Kontakt and Symphobia the CPU goes up. When I delete Kontakt and even on closing Nuendo, the CPU stays up there.

Is there something I can do to avoid this?

Hmmm … are you sure you are referring to CPU ?
Memory would be normal, but CPU … never seen that.


No the CPU definitely is rising. The meter I’m referring to is the one in the “Performances” area of the Task Manager in Windows 7.

try “ProcessExplorer” , a free tool to analyze tasks and performance ,
there you can see in detail which tasks uses which ressources…

btw is maybe “memoryserver” in kontakt activated?
its a tool that gives memory above the 4gb limit for kontakt in
32bit apps , in my installation (mac pro + PT) ,
memoryserver stays in ram even when i close PT…
but it should use only ram no cpu time…


The Windows version of Kontakt doesn’t have a memory server.