Kontakt CPU at maximum by Cubase

Hi all ! Thank you Jedi Master for reading and investigating the MAO mysteries that currently concern me…

My kontakt’s CPU jumps to 100% for no apparent reason (screenshot)

As you can see, I only use 4 instruments.

I purged the samples and minimized all kontakt display and usability features.

I have tried all possible settings:

. Change of drivers… Asio or Wasapi… Shared or exclusive…

. Buffers at all sizes… (including kontakt’s internal buffer)

. All sample rates… and in 16, 24, 32, 64 bits… (in stress)

. Trying multiple sound cards (in desperation)

Nothing moves. Cubase plays jerky because of kontakt’s CPU which is at 100% for just a few notes played. All that I find on the web are very practical tutorials but which strangely have no effect on my case.


Kontakt 7 used by Cubase 12 on Core i7 and win10-64bits. Alesis Multimix 8 sound card.

I specify that my libraries are on an internal hard disk different from the internal hard disk where kontakt and cubase are. Of course, it’s SSD.

Incidentally, I noticed that kontakt causes huge latency issues when recording audio. Problems I don’t have when using audio in cubase without kontakt. Ugly !

May the force be with you !