Kontakt & Cubase 9

Hi all, when I set multiple out puts in Kontakt, It creates two sets of faders in Cubase mixer.
First set is regular midi faders
Second set of Audio Bus Faders
Which one of the two faders sets should I control the volum with ?
Thank you

Hi there,

That depends on your needs and preferences - either is OK. I think you’re referring to the MIDI track? In a Multi for Kontakt you’ll have either a single stereo stereo fader controlling all instruments in the multi, or set up multiple outputs to route instruments to individual audio faders. The MIDI volume fader by default is set to off when creating a MIDI track, so MIDI volume is not used. A soon as you move that fader MIDI volume is being used. You’ll be able to see relevant volume sliders in Kontakt instruments change.

Personally I like to use MIDI volume. Example: I have a string multi which I’ve done some volume automation curves on. I can use a MIDI controller to do this. Say Im happy with the internal volume movements, but I want the instrument to be quieter or louder, I can simply adjust level overall in the audio fader without needing to move all my automation up or down. If you’re only using a stereo out for the multi then you will have a problem adjusting levels of everything when using that single audio fader, not a problem is using multiple outs.

I usually set instruments to full volume on the midi tracks in my template by default. Same deal with MIDI pan - its off by default but you can use either. It really comes down to personal preference.



Thank you James, it really helps : )