Kontakt.dll or Kontakt 7.dll crashes Cubase when loading a Kontakt file 60% of the time

Hello folks. Has anyone experience this problem that it is a lottery if Kontact crashes Cubase while trying to load a Kontakt plugin? I don’t know if this is a clue but I have 2 external hard drives where I keep my Kontakt files so don’t know if it is a delay problem?

After 2 or 3 more attempts the program will eventually open and this does not make any sense for a noob like me.



If the crash is so clearly NI Kontakt related, I would get in contact with NI company.

Hiya Martin. I’ve looked at their website and its states to delete Kontakt reg. but I fear I will lose all the other Kontakt libraries and will have to add all over again. Just wondering if any has had this issue without having to do this?

FWIW, many of us here have been using Kontakt for years in Cubase without any problem (for me, since Kontakt 4).

As Martin has pointed out, Kontakt is an NI product. The Kontakt forum has many very helpful users who would be far better able to advise you on how to configure, troubleshoot and maintain Kontakt. That said, Kontakt 7 is a new release, so it’s likely that there may be issues, but these will have to be looked at by the NI developers first (for this very reason, I haven’t upgraded yet to Kontakt 7 myself).

[EDIT:] Here is another report of crashing in Kontakt 7:


FWIW, the freezedump I was referring to in the post you linked is not an actual Kontakt crash (and it happened in Kontakt 6, too – ever since Cubase 12 came around). Cubase just interprets there is some kind of timeout, which a Ulf from Steinberg explains at:

I’ve actually been working with NI support pretty much ever since I posted the earlier thread, and they’ve had me try many things, but, thus far, there is no solution. I’m actually thinking the timeout on the Cubase side may just be too short (Guitar Rig 6 has the problem, too, and both products only get it on the first start after a reboot, so I think it relates to not having something in disk cache so having to read off hard disk on my system). It isn’t a big problem since Kontakt does (eventually) start okay in the session where this happens, but rather just an annoyance since that means Cubase will prompt to send DMP files to Steinberg every time I start Cubase the day after having had an open instance of Kontakt in a session. I’ve noted, though, that the time stamps on the freezedump.dmp files happen almost immediately after attempting to load Kontakt, not after the 2+ minutes it actually takes for Kontakt to appear.