Kontakt in Cubase: Differerent articulations+same track

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I’m using Kontakt’s Vienna Orchestra Library (Kontakt Factory Library) in Cubase. I score pieces for symphony orchestra in the notation programme Sibelius and import the scores in Cubase for editing. In the current project, I need to have the 1st violins play some sections in the piece pizzicato, other sections tremolo and yet others sustained. That is three different articulations in the same part/track. Is that possible without creating three different tracks? If so, how does one do it - using the “Violin Ensemble.nki” from the Kontakt Factory Library?

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does that instrument have keyswitches?

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Yes, it does have keyswitches, and I’m able to play on my midi-keyboard and produce the different articulations using those keyswitches. However, I don’t know how to apply the articulations to a midi-file imported from Sibelius to Cubase. Also, when I instead try to record the violin-part using my midi-keyboard in Cubase, the articulations work fine, but they disappear when I playback the part afterwards. I hope that description made sense…?

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Simply use VST expression Map, you can find the Koontakt VSL library expression map here : http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_additional_content/Expression_Maps/Native_Instruments/Native_Instruments_Kontakt4_VSL_v1.0.zip

Perfect, thanks a lot for your help!