Kontakt instrument banks

Im presently using 4.03 of SE and though I’ve searched this topic, lf someone could please detail exactly how to edit the expression map for program change and assigning them in write or play mode when using Kontakt Instrument Banks, I’d really appreciate guidance . There is much I need to learn yet. I have looked at “Program Change Actions” in the SE webhelp manual but it’s confused me so far, not that I won’t keep trying.

All Ive found in searching the forum has been a user who posted a Kontakt script to do this and a developer reply saying program change has in fact been possible since V3, inferring said user script is not needed.

Ive seen the program change button in the expression map editor but I have no idea how to edit it or even what values to enter for PC, nor even how to enter said PC commands to the score to accomplish this.

SE allows two instruments which I could load as two channels / two multis in a single Kontakt instance and test with two instrument banks of articulations after I understand the expression map edit process to do this.

If I can get this to work, I’d be able to consider upgrading to enable using multple Kontakt 16 channel instances of Instrument Banks.

Thanks so much for any guidance.

I don’t have access to Kontakt to try this for myself, but looking at the documentation for Kontakt it appears that you can load up the patches you want to use into each of the 128 slots in the bank. I would suggest you put the basic sound (the one you would assign to the playback technique ‘Natural’) into the first program slot, then build up from there.

To set up a program change in your expression map, add a Base switch for the playback technique that you’ve put into e.g. program slot 1. Click the PC button in the action bar at the bottom of the list view that shows the actions for the selected switch, and set a program change to program 1.

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Thank you so much, Daniel. I’ll try just as soon as I can (Thanksgiving duties are imminently abound).

And yes, loading patches into Kontakt Instrument banks is very straight forward. Expression Maps are what I need to learn.

I hope you and your team are all safe and well!

I’ll follow up as soon as I can.

Thank you again so much, Daniel