Kontakt instruments stop playing suddenly

Hey guys,

I really don’t know what to do and if it’s a Cubase problem or Kontakt problem, but I can say that this thing happens only in Cubase and not in other DAW (Ableton Live). Sometimes, and in a total random fashion, instruments loaded in Kontakt just make no sound at all without any reason and I need to unload the library and reload it.

It’s so frustrating, has anyone experienced something similar?

Thanks in advance

I’ve had that happen with Session Horns Pro, and only that library. I didn’t need to reload the Instrument - just stopping & starting the Kontakt audio engine got it working. Never found any pattern to it.

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Thank you very much that sounds like a good idea I will try that.

For me it happened already with at least two different libraries, I suspect it’s somehow related to excess RAM usage but not sure

I will try your advice thank you