kontakt instruments usage

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what do you think is the better and most efficient way to use instruments inside kontakt, for example running 10 instruments inside one kontakt instance ( with assigned midi channels ) or running 10 instances of kontakt , each loaded with a single instrument ? Which kind of setup do you think Cubase 8 “favours” the most ?

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using one instance of Kontakt for single instrument… better multi CPU usage…

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one dll per channel works the best on modern systems, and give you an entire channel to work with for that instrument.

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Thanks Roel ! I always thought that so many instances of kontakt use up a lot of memory , but i guess it turns out one empty contact uses a very small amount of ram…


I tend to use instrument tracks these days with one Kontact instance per track - this is because each track gets its own thread and this works well with my 8 core system.

Hi… Can you explain how to make Kontakt and Instrument Track ; as opposed to a Rack Instrument? I would love to be able to do that but I don’t know how.

On the large Instrument rack there are 2 vague arrows where you can choose between a rack or instrument track.

Steinberg loves to hide things like that away LOL and at this point I wish they would just clean up the instrument track vs rack instrument business. It’s not very intuitive.


Steinberg loves to hide things


This is the truth :astonished: , hopefully SB will change all this.

I never considered these two arrows to be hidden, just a tad small perhaps, though.