Kontakt issue with Dorico 4

Hello. I just upgraded to Dorico 4 and opened up a file I’ve been using as a template for band arrangements. For playback, I use both NotePerformer and VSTs through Kontakt 5. The file plays back as expected in Dorico 3.5 (still installed), but in Dorico 4 the Kontakt VST is missing (I can’t see it in the list of VSTs in Play mode). Do I need to copy a .DLL somewhere for Dorico 4?

I am on Windows 10.

EDIT: Including contents of vst2whitelist.txt:

Kontakt 5 16out

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

You have to tell Dorico 4 where to find Kontakt, i.e. the path to the Kontakt dll. In the Preferences dialog under the VST Plug-ins tab is where you can set the search paths. If unsure, have a look at Dorico 3.5 and copy from there.

Kontakt 5 is VST2, whereas Kontakt 6 is VST3 – you might need to white-list it (I don’t know whether the Dorico update will have migrated prior version whitelists, but that could be the issue).