KONTAKT/MIDI file playback problem

Totally confused.

I’ve imported a MIDI file (from an AKAI MPC1000- Standard MIDI file type 1), which loads up fine in Cubase, arranged in tracks.

I load KONTAKT as a VST instrument and assign it to one of the MIDI tracks, I load a program in KONTAKT.

The program’s samples play perfectly on the KONTAKT keyboard, they also play perfectly in the pianoroll editor from the project window.

All MIDI monitor lights show correctly, and the MIDI fader registers data.

But there is NO SOUND when playing the project - only in the KONTAKT VST window, when playing the virtual keyboard, or using the Cubase MIDI editor pianoroll. If i add new notes to the project, they will sound, but the MIDI notes from the imported MIDI file do not sound - even though they are visible, and their velocity and duration are clearly enough to generate a sound.

Any ideas?


What about the Monitoring (Speaker) button on the track? Is it On or Off? It should be Off in this case.

Ehat version of Cubase do you use? What version of Kontakt? Windows/Mac?

MIDI channel maybe? It might be set to Any. In this case, Cubase will use the channel that is set per note. Either change the channels of each note or change the MIDI channel of the track.

Would you be able to post a screen-shot or two? This could help with the troubleshooting process.

On the left is the MIDI channel that is sent to Kontakt. On the right is the MIDI channel that is being received by the Kontakt Instrument. If the MIDI channel on the left is set to Any then it will send the MIDI channel set by the individual notes. See the next image on how to change it.

ilmoto, thanks for your help, that was exactly the problem! All working perfectly now.