Kontakt not recalling libraries from Cubase 11 pro templates and projects in Cubase 12 pro


I just upgraded from Cubase 11 pro to 12 pro.
The issue is : When I open a template from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12, all the kontakt instances are loaded, but not the instrument inside them.
If i open them in Cubase 11, the instruments will load properly in kontakt.
If I save a new template in cubase 12, they will load properly.

The problem is that I have pretty huge templates for media scoring, and this takes hours to recreate (each instrument loaded was balanced).
Furthemore, I cant open older project in cubase 12, because none of the kontakt instruments will load in the library.

Fortunatly, I can still open them in Cubase 11. But it’s ashame I have to use it for every old tracks.

Thanks for your time.
Best regards,

Are you on a Mac or PC? And if on Mac do you have an M1 or Intel based machine?

And which version of Kontakt? (Version number and VST2 or 3.)

Hi ! I am on Win 10.
I use the latest version of kontakt which is 6.7.0.
Thanks !