Kontakt not showing up in VST Manager

Hi there,

I contacted Steinberg a week ago and haven’t heard anything so I thought I’d try my luck here. I have followed every guide I can in getting Kontakt to register as a VST and nothing seems to work, I constantly get nothing found when I tell Cubase where to find the file for Kontakt. I have attached screenshots which hopefully help.

Thank you

That first picture is under the VST Effects tab. Kontakt is a VST instrument (VSTi). Check under the VST Instrument tab.

Hi there,

I managed to get Kontakt to register however it is red in my VST Manager, is there a reason for this?


It may have something to do with 32 bit or 64 bit. Cubase only supports 64 bit so if you selected the folder 32 bit instead of 64 bit VST Cubase will Blacklist it. Check out this link, it might help. Good luck :wink: