Kontakt on Dorico 4

Dear Brains Trust,

So I’ve purchased Dorico 4. Yay! So many things to like about it.

But…I’m trying to open Kontakt in the VST Rack. It’s in the list. I load it into the rack, clock on the button that looks like an e. And nothing. Most of my samples are there. I can load Trillian ok and the Halion library. And Dorico Beep. I’ve checked and I’ve got the latest version of Kontakt.

The Aria Player also suffers from this problem, but I use it more rarely.

Two final points:

  • Using it on a Mac Mini on Monterey
  • Kontakt works fine on Logic.

Do you have an M1 Mac?
If so then you’ll need to run Dorico in Rosetta as Kontakt isn’t yet silicon native.

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Oh bollocks. Really? Sigh. Yes, it’s a M1 Mac. C’mon NI, get it together.

Exist any solution to fix this in native-mode? Because Kontakt team is possibly slowest from music-apps in transition to Apple Silicon …

@alchymista , unfortunately you have to wait for Native Instruments. Or for Apple, because a native Logic can run non-native plug-ins. Apple uses some kind of special sandboxing for this, but has not made that technology public. But who knows, maybe one day they do.

I share your frustration with NI, they had plenty of warning - best to put pressure on with them, Fingers crossed for a dongle free Halion and Steinberg VST instruments.

Retaking this thread here… I just switched to Dorico 4, it doesn’t open the Kontakt sampler =/. I’m not on Mac! I’m on Windows10, it was working fine on Dorico 3.5… is there anything I’m missing here?

EDIT: updated to Kontakt 6.7 - works. (whoops)

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