Kontakt Output Setup Problem


Ever since I started with Cubase about two years ago (C6), I’ve never been able to figure out how to properly make an instance of Kontakt route correctly to it’s outputs in Cubase.

In Kontakt, I go into Output->Batch Functions->Clear output section and create… so that each instrument inside of Kontakt is routed to an individual stereo channel.

Now here comes the issue:

In Cubase, I go to VST Instruments and enable all outputs in said instance of Kontakt. The options available read like this:

Kt. st.1 (stereo)
Kt.st.2 (stereo)
Kt.surr.5.1 (5.1)
kt.aux.1 (stereo)
3 more stereo aux
and 46 mono outputs!!!

How can I make this match with Kontakts 16 stereo output channels, so that I can have 16 output channels in Cubase instead of the 53 channels that I’m dealing with now?

Thank you,


Hello Juan,

It seems to me that you have not finished Kontakt’s multi output configuration. My suggestion is that you run Cubase, open a session of Kontak 16 out, and try configuring it within Cubase. I assume you know how to do that (Add channels…). After you get what you want, go to Presets/Batch Configuration and select Save current output section as default for ALL formats. Close Kontakt and reopen it, and you must be able to see all your outputs.

Good luck.