Kontakt patch loading cpu issue and Cubase temporarily freezes. Happens only in Cubase

Happens with Orchestral Tools libraries like Metropolis ARKs and Inspire 1 and 2

using Cubase 10.5 and 12. Happens in both versions of Cubase.

doesn’t happen in Logic nor in Kontakt standalone.

when load any instrument from any of those libraries, a red exclamation symbol with cpu overload spears in Kontakt.

and when the error goes away, all of a sudden the sound starts playing if the notes that I was playing while it was loading. Seems like the notes were memorized in the buffer.

Here’s my shot in the dark - try defragging your install drives for the VSTs and Cubase - yes, eve if they are NVME. Make sure you have AV exceptions added. Anything else and you should post your full system specs including GPU type, Storage type and install directories which are important. Let’s start there and see how it goes. Also don’t forget to check Latencymon for hardware driver issues, and see if starting Cubase in safe mode helps at all.

My specs:
MacBook M1 Max. 32GB ram. 4TB SSD.
all Kontakt libraries are in the path: users/shared/KontaktLibraries/

Any ideas ?

Is hyperthreading enabled or disabled inside the Kontakt application when it runs in plugin mode?

cant find such option. but i have CPU threads set to all 10