Kontakt Piano Sustain

Hi there,

does anyone know of a way to create sustain for a Kontakt piano without using a pedal? I just want all notes to be sustains when playing. Is this even possible.

Many thanks

try creating a midi part. double click on it. go to controller lane. draw in maximum sustain level at start of song, lasting as long as you need. now when you play notes they will all sustain.ed

thanks for your reply :slight_smile: that works for midi notes that have been recorded but i’m actually looking to create the sustain as i play.

many thanks

Assign a MIDI controller knob to the sustain parameter?

Thanks for your advise but i did try that. If you hold the note down you get the sustain, so the audio is there in the sample to do it. There must be a way surely. Even tried creating a amp evelope in lontakt and extending the release but that didn’t seem to work either

i’m actually looking to create the sustain as i play.

Correct me if I’m wrong…but are you trying to get the individual notes to have what would have been sustained lengths without using a sustain pedal?

If that’s the expected end result, something initially HAS to determine exactly what the lengths should be and sound like. In that case, you could use the sustain pedal to determine the perceived lengths during the initial recording pass and then use MIDI/Functions/Pedals to Note Lengths on the track. This process stretches all note ends to the length determined by the pedal length and removes the sustain pedal data upon completion.

Will that work for you?

hey weasel, cheers for that. i did get it working in the end. Just still a bit of a simpleton when it comes to midi control.

My curiosity is getting the better of me.

May I ask - why would you want that?
I’m trying to come up with a reason but I can’t think of one.
Care to share your reason or desire for this?

I wanted to play some phrases that just rang out like you would on a piano via the peddle. i was a little confused over now to activate this using a midi switch. Now knowing that cc64 is the sustain control, i can program an on/off button for this.