Kontakt Player 2 with Dorico

Is it possible to use this version with Dorico?
I have written the plain text withlist file as described and deleted the 3 files I had to delete. Restarted Dorico but Kontakt is not shown in the pullmdowm menu in Play mode


I‘m on Mac.


These two threads might be of interest:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply. I have read these threads but they didn’t help.
I had also watched the video on YouTube concerning wihitelist and I think i have done it correctly but without success so far.


Not familiar with NI stuff myself; isn’t Kontakt now on version 5?

You have installed the Expression Maps (zip file), too?

KP2 is ancient and never had a 64-bit version. You’ll have to use the latest version of KP as Mark mentioned.

Thanks for the replies. I suppose Kontakt 2 is too old as Craig wrote.
I wanted to use the Sibelius sounds I already have but as I have just read on an other thread this doesn’t seem to be possible.

Do you have a suggestion for a sound library which cover all of the most commen instruments and is compatible with Dorico?

Thank you very much.


Have you listened to the HALion sounds wich are with Dorico. Not really convincing. Especially the choir sounds are awful.

Then this thread will surely be of interest to you too :slight_smile:.

Thanks Mark. I have already read this thread. However I’m not quite familiar so far with expression maps.


Yes. Thanks.

I drew your attention to that thread today not as a possible solution for your immediate need to get Kontakt working - with which, Good Luck!

More because of what you wrote hinting at the limitations of HALion’s virtual instruments. I agree: the strings are particularly… unconvincing :cry:

One additional outcome of that thread which John started will, I hope, be to provide guidance for/to anyone seeking to venture into Virtual Instruments but (also) unsure of other routines than Expression Maps themselves.