Kontakt Player 6 not working in Dorico 5

It was working, but now the playback icons in at the top of the screen are greyed out and never become active, and there’s no sound when I click on any notes. Kontakt doesn’t even now seem to be selected in the VST and MIDI tab on the Playback screen or in any of the track inspectors, but if I go to preferences>VST Plug-ins then it just hangs.

If I remove the Kontakt dll file or open up an older Dorico file that I’d never used with Kontakt then everything is fine, can continue with NotePerformer as usual.

Diagnostic file is here, too big to upload here: Dorico Diagnostics.zip - Google Drive

The Dorico file that has the problem is a commercial transcription so I can’t upload it here, can email it directly to Steinberg if it needs repairing as per previous threads.

Thanks for the data, there are plenty of freeze dumps of the audio engine contained, and they all point at Kontakt. Well, Kontakt is not crashing , but it is waiting on something (some resource, some handle, some…whatever) and by that blocking the main thread of the audio engine.
You have Kontakt 6.8.0, I don’t know, is there any newer version available?

That’s the most recent version of Kontakt 6 - I tried using Kontakt 7 before and it didn’t work at all for whatever reason, not even standalone, if I can’t sort my problem from here I’ll try Kontakt 7 again.

Just to confirm, I have problems sometimes with the ‘waiting for audio interface’ message hanging on startup, using NotePefrormer even before I’d installed Kontakt - the new symptoms are separate to that, although appreciate they might have a similar cause.

Version (Jul 5 2023)
Dorico 5 AudioEngine version

For your information, Kontakt 7 works for me without any problems that I can notice.

Hi @GoldmanT, maybe they are different issues, I don’t know, at least not at this stage.
Are any of your problems reproducible? If so, then we could have a remote screen sharing session. By that it would be easier for me to find the actual root cause.

Quite a few people have trouble with Kontakt 7 not even starting up as standalone, it can be down to a computer being too old or not having a good enough graphics card, so I’m not even going to pursue that with my 5 year old laptop.

@Ulf I’ll rarely use Kontakt after this project and I can work around it here (I’ll need to do some MIDI work in Reaper anyway so can use Kontakt there instead) and it’s not particularly reproducible aside from whatever you see in the logs, so I’ll leave it there for now, thank you for the offer.

You are welcome. And please come back here if you want to further pursue your problem.