kontakt player as plug-in within cubase

Hello there,
I am trying to make Native Instruments’ Kontakt Player work within my Cubase LE4.
I have always worked with Kore Player, but this is discontinued by NI. So I downloaded Kontakt Player.
I cannot get it to work because:

  1. In the dropdown menu Devices in Cubase, VST instruments is not listed.

  2. Pressing F11 doesn’t work.

  3. I have copied the Kore.dll to C\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase4\VST plugins, (where Kore.dll sits happily next to HaliON.dll and other plugins) but after that Cubase didn’t startup anymore so I had to remove it again.

How can I make it work ??? Please ???

Mmmmhhh. No answers.
Any ideas as to where I should look to find the solution(s)???

Yep, the manual and the v4 feature comparison chart.

LE doesn’t have the Instrument Rack and that’s not the directory where 3rd party plugs go.