Kontakt Quickload menu in Cubase


Is there any way of accessing the Kontakt Quickload menu in Cubase without opening kontakt?

Saw a video of someone accessing Kontakt instruments directly from from Kontakt in Logic Pro, and was hoping the same could be done i Cubase.

Not sure if I understand correctly but you can simply right-click in Kontakt’s empty space (where the instances usually load) and the quickload panel will appear. Hope this helps!

What I am looking for is kind of importing the Quickload-structure/menu from Kontakt into Cubase as VST presets.

Maybe this? The location of the QuickLoad data: C: > Users > Username > AppData > Local > Native Instruments > Your Kontakt Version > QuickLoad

Can you share a link? Curious about how this works.

I’m afraid not, as it was in a paid course. But reading evenmore about the VST-presets, seems like that is the thing which will do this.