Kontakt samples cutting off on held notes

Cubase Pro 12
M1 Pro Macbook Pro 16gb RAM
Kontakt 7, Komplete 12, stored on Crucial X6 1TB SSD formatted to ExFAT

This issue has been driving me insane. I’m using a few Kontakt instances in my project, and in one section there are held notes in a bass guitar. These sound fine in the project, but when I export, the held notes cut off after about a second. I have already been through all the forums where people have had the same issue, I have already tried:

  • Overridding instrument’s preload size in kontakt (set to maximum)
  • Giving Kontakt/Native Instruments full disk access
  • Increasing cubase buffer size to maximum
  • Realtime export
  • Freezing tracks
  • Exporting audio from tracks individually, dragging them into the project, disabling all the instruments, and exporting (I have no understanding of why the issue still occurred)

The only thing that worked was doing as above, but rebooting cubase, having unplugged my drive beforehand. This makes no sense.

The only thing I haven’t tried is reformatting my drive to APFS, but I am hesitant to do this as I will then have to install Native Instruments again.

Any help much appreciated!