Kontakt samples getting deleted

I have a bizarre problem that I wanted to mention in case anyone has experienced this. I have 8dio Woodwinds on an SSD. After Cubase 8.5 crashed, I reloaded my project and suddenly a “missing samples” message came from Kontakt. I checked, and sure enough, my woodwinds appear to have empty sample folders. The file structure is still intact (IE, inside samples folder there’s an Arcs folder, but the samples themselves are all gone.)

Normally I would assume it is a fluke, but it’s happened twice now (and I’ve had to restore the samples twice.)

Any ideas? Logically it seems that I should have a virus or something to cause this result, but actually this is a relatively fresh operating system, (I had this happen once on Windows 7, and this new OS is fresh Windows 10)

It could be some bizarre interaction between apps on my system, but I just wanted to forward that info in case you’ve heard of if this happening.


So I restarted, and the sample folders have been repopulated, and the project opens fine. Bizarre. Could be a driver issue with the SSD or something to do with the crash perhaps, but the samples WERE missing according to Windows. :open_mouth: Weird.

Anyone know what that means, if a folder appears to be empty, but once I restart windows it reappears?

I found this among others:

Response from OCZ:

The series 2 model drive is not compatible with Haswell based chipsets. It will not function correctly or even at all if attached to the Haswell Intel SATA ports on the motherboard.

If your motherboard has an onboard integrated raid controller, such as one made by Marvell, ASMedia, or JMicron the drive will work fine in one of these SATA ports. But it will not function correctly when attached to an Intel SATA port on a Haswell motherboard.

Interesting, thanks for that vinark.

I still wonder if it’s a bizarre software interaction, because the it was only after the cubase crash that the samples went missing. The drive works fine 99% of the time. The drive this happened on was a Crucial RealSSD 256GB, and I’m currently using ASUS P9X79 Pro.