Kontakt users: Assigning outputs past channel 16

How do you do this? e.g. using the 17-32 channel bank to load instruments, I would think the creation of more MIDI tracks gives you the option to assign them to channel 17, 18, 19, …

Just use another instance of kontakt - it should be more processor efficient to run multiple instances of kontakt rather than load multiple instruments in to kontakt.

Thanks, it is what I’ve done.

On a similar note, is it better to use an instance for each channel?

How do you mean?

Instead of a Rack Instrument and multi-ing out to channels 1-16, have 16x Instrument Tracks, each assigned to the different channels 1-16

It depends what you’re doing but generally I use instrument tracks.

If you’ve got a drum kit for example with multiple outs then use one instance of kontakt fed to multiple channels.

If I’m dealing with string multiple articulations I’ll still use an instance one instance of kontakt but in that case I’ll probably load several articulations in to the one instance of kontakt on different channels - coming out of a stereo out.

Is that what you mean?