Kontakt window open in Cubase 6

Hi, I have my Kontakt window open in Cubase 6 and after about a minute or so it just randomly closes. The program doesn’t shut down but I have to physically click to open it again…very weird and it seems to have just started happening.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any assistance.

edit: transport bar disappears too…

I have one idea: tell us more about your system so someting sensible can be said… Which Cubase version, 32 or 64 bits, Kontakt version, which OS etc…


OS windows 7. 64bit Cubase 6.0.7 - latest Kontakt. i7 processor with 12gb ram.

Does it also happen with other plugin windows open? Strange anyway, that even the transport bar would disappear. Is it / are they going behind another window maybe?

No mate, not disappearing behind any screen. I just have to click on the screen again and they re-appear. Only happens with Kontakt in Cubase… :cry:

:blush: think I’ve sorted it. Related to quick controls in cubase I think. Seems to be fine now!!

Hi folks, back again…it’s not fine it’s still going on :confused: Also, not just Kontakt. Any vst I have open disappears after approx 30secs, along with the transport bar. The main window stays open fine. I have to click the mouse on the window to get the VST and transport bar to reappear.

It is extremely frustrating and no doubt I am missing something basic but can anyone help?

Thanks :frowning:

Long shot here. I had a USB 3.0 port once that was creating some “random” inputs. Best to unplug every peripheral, hide every third party plug-in from Cubase, etc. and trouble shoot from there. Do you have one of those mice that can send ASCII characters, or another input device, etc.?

Hi mate, thanks for replying and apologies for not getting back sooner.

I’ve tried loads of different troubleshooting and the transport bar/Kontakt (open VST window) both disappear at the same time after about 30secs. I have to click the screen again to get them back…then the same thing keeps happening.

Very strange and rather annoying!!