Kontakt windows & cubase

Hello Everyone !
Do you know if it’s possible to have kontakt to act like in logic:

when you choose a track it automatically change the window of kontak for the one from the track you choose, so you don’t have to open it and handle multiple windows… you have just one window and the instruments change when you change depending on the track you choose…

is there a way to do that ?

thanks :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, you cannot “lock” the plug-in window this way in Cubase.

Ok… i liked that so much in logic ! less windows, less mess… it would be really nice if it’s available in the future…
thx for the answer :slight_smile:


I have set “Close all plug-in windows” to an extra-mouse button.

Click that = Close all Plug-in windows.
Then choose a different track and open a different Plug-in…repeat.

I would like to have a feature that makes all plug-in windows appear/disappear when the track-focus is changed…
Then use a shortcut to change between “old an new” behaviour if needed.