Kontrol MK3 and Cubase issue

Hi there

Basically I work on Cubase 12.0.7 Pro on Windows 11 and when I change channel the S88 MK3 does not update graphic and parameters to match the library loaded on the channel. Sometimes it even shows a random Action Strikes even if the library on the channel is completely different.

The only way I have to see the correct library on the screen and lightguide is to go inside Kontakt 7 or Komplete Kontrol and click on the S88 icon or relink the controller, which is quite annoying.

Am I missing something? Should I change some settings? Anyone experiencing the same bug?

Weird thing is that it seems to work fine both with my MacBook Pro and my Windows Laptop.

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I just got my S88 MK3 and I have the same issue.
I am not using KK but for Kontakt I have open it and from the File menu have to check MK3 driver. So I am also looking for the right settings?

I see this happen often on S88 MKI with the older v2.x software as well.

This solution from NI forum (S88 MK3 and Cubase issue - Page 2 — Community)

WORKED!!! for fixing the auofocus:

To fix the Komplete Kontrol/Kontakt “Autofocus” problem in Cubase, proceed as follows:

Open the VSTI Kontakt plug-in window, click “Function” menu (arrow at the top right of Kontakt window) or right-click at the top of this window and select “Remote Control Editor”.
Then in the window of “Remote Control Editor”, click on the small arrow (secon icon) at the top right to select “Get Default Factory Layout” and click the big button “Apply” on the same line.
At this time, “Autofocus” works. Then save the project.

The cause of this problem is when the Komplete Kontrol/Kontakt reference named “NIKBxx” is no longer assigned to the first “Knob” on page 1 in the “Remote Control Editor”.