Kontroler drop out

Hi everyone.

I’m a windows 10 man with Cubase 10.00.60 (which has stopped crashing when it closes down, yay!)

My Nanokontrol2 drops out and no longer lights up. I can’t tell what track I am on as there are no leds alive. They do work, so they are not damaged, just not in cubase. I have control over volumes and play button for a while, then nothing. Like it disconnects. This requires closing and opening Cubase just to get it functioning again. Frustratingly slow.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Also have drop out with my Oxygene61


I expect, you are using Nanokontorl in the Mackie mode, right? Make sure the Mackie Control Input and Output is set properly in the Studio Setup, please.

Hello Martin.
Can you define “properly in the Studio Setup” please?
It’s had the same set up for years and I never had a issue with it before.


If you are on Windows, then the Input and Output MIDI Port is named nanoKONTROL 2 (if I’m right). If you are on Mac, then the Input is named nanoKONTROL 2 keyboard and Output is named nanoKONTROL 2 control (or vice versa, or something like this).

hello again,
You are right about window. And thanks for clarifying.
I already have that set up like that for years and yet it keeps dropping out. Losing connection. I have to restart the programme to get it functioning again.
Starting to get frustrated, as it’s not only the Nanokontroler but my Oxygen controller as well.
Is Steinberg forcing us to purchase their inhouse tools?


No Steinberg doesn’t have any keyboard or multi-channel controller.

How does it look like on the system side? Do you have the drop-outs on the system level too?