Kore 2 to control Cubase EQ....can I control Q?


I’m running Cubase 8.5 under Windows 10 and just discovered I could use my Native Instruments Kore 2 to control Cubase’s eq. There’s a guide here but it’s in German which I don’t understand. http://recording.de/Community/Forum/Sequencer/Cubase_und_Nuendo/143364/Post_1476101.html#P_19

It SEEMS though as if it would be possible to change the knobs function to change the Q-value by pressing the buttons over the knobs on the Kore controller but I can’t get this to work.

Anyone who hade success with this?



If I remember, correctly how was NI Kore working… It sends different CCs numbers by pressing these buttons. So you can assign the function to these CCs, which are currently send, when you press that button.