Korg Krome Blues

Being a Sonar DAW user for the past 20+ years, I had to choose a new DAW, and I made the final decision to purchase Cubase Pro 9.5 (crossgrade) yesterday through Sweetwater. I felt good about the choice for a number of reasons, including the fact that much of my recording utilizes midi instruments and Cubase’s midi editing tools are excellent.

So, a few hours after making the purchase, I was looking through some old Emails, and realized that I’ve been using the 32 bit version of Sonar for years, because the Krome VST Editor for my Korg Krome keyboard is 32 bit (apparently Korg hadn’t wanted to spend the money to develop a 64 bit version). So, now it is hitting me that I may not be able to use the library of sounds the Korg Krome contains, which I’ve been using for quite a while, in 64 bit Cubase. :confused:

I’m still feeling good about Cubase, but a little perplexed at this turn of events. I’ve done some forum browsing and Google searches without finding a solution. I’m wondering if any Cubase users have faced this particular dilemma with a Korg Krome, and perhaps figured out a way to enable it to function effectively in the Cubase environment.

Thanks - cohenville

Hello there, did you ever get a solution?

No I did not. Do you have the same problem?

Check out jBridge https://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/

This is a KORG thing.

I have not purchased any KORG equipment and have added them to a list of manufacturers I will no longer support as they did the same thing to their DJ user base.

Long story short, they released a product (KORG ZERO Mixers) and discontinued it asa they needed to make 64bit drivers for them.
I’m tired of giving money to manufacturers who constantly discontinue support of their products because they want you to pay for something new.

Sorry for the rant but figured this was a good share my story moment…lol


Glad you got that off your chest. :wink:

It’s very possible that jBridge will work for this, assuming the Korg USB/midi driver works. That device only sends/receives midi through its USB port, (I read the doc :nerd: ) So its VST editor is like an editor/librarian, not a sound module.

Had the same problem with my Korg MicroX and used JBridge to wrap the plugin so I could use it in Cubase.
No problems using JBridge with the Korg plugin and Cubase 9.5
Wish Korg would update their plugins to 64 bit, but at least using a third party wrapper such as JBridge works.


Thanks for your suggestion regarding JBridge. I had tried it with the 64 bit version of Sonar, but couldn’t get it to work even with Jao of JBridge’s assistance. But I will try it with Cubase… maybe I’ll get lucky! :wink: