Korg legacy cell doesn't work in cubase 8

For more than a year now since I upgraded to cubase 8. Korg Legacy cell doesn’t show up in Cubase plugins I’ve already tried reinstalling it about at least 8 times and it still doesn’t show up inversion 6 and previous versions it was working fine but when I am great at 2 version 8 Cubase after that Korg Legacy cell doesn’t work anymore also it works in other daws.


Is the plug-in VST 2.4 format or newer?

Isn’t it in Blacklisted?

Working fine here in 8.5.

Is it only Legacy Cell? What about the individual plugs like ms20 or polysix?

Do you have the latest 1.3 installer?

Yes it’s black listed.
Will check the versions.
All individuals ones work ok.

Did you try to remove it from the Blacklist, and rescan?

Yes…either remove the entry form the list or completely delete the blacklist xml and let Cubase rebuild it on restart.

But make sure you have latest version first and that you have the correct 32 or 64bit version.