Korg Legacy collection needs re-licensing every time

I noticed this behavior already on version 8 of Cubase and it’s still in the same way in v9. Every time i start Cubase some, not all, Korg Legacy instruments require re-licensing. Note, as long as I don’t reboot my PC, it works. This is most annoying as it prolongs the startup time quite a lot. Anyone else noticed this and found a solution?

The Korg authorisation is seeing your computer setup as changed for some reason.

In my case I used dual monitors with one on a KVM for internet PC.
But they suggested something as simple as a network change could do it.

I think I fixed it by making sure both monitors were active while opening a plug to trigger authorisation and then using the offline authorisation from another computer.

OK, thanks! I guess I have to continute to re-issue the license then…

Like I said, this is fixable. You need to work out why it’s doing it. You should also ask Korg support. This isn’t a Cubase issue.

It happens to me too. I got so fed up with it I stopped using the Wavestation.

Do you guys authorize it online and then disable your network ?
That was the cause for me.
I then generated a challenge code with the network switched of and authorized using the offline method.
After that it stayed authorized.