Korg M1, HALion6 and HS3 audio drops out after few notes played in CB11

Hi all,

I run into issues with multi timbral vst, mostly with Korg M1, but also with HALion and HalionSonic too.

I add the vst and record some notes. Audio stops after a 2 or 3 notes played, but midi is still active. Switching program brings audio back again, but only again for three notes.

This does not happen in CB10.5 or another DAW (Machine)

Any tips please? It’s mind boggling… I have a pretty new PC, custom build for Music…

Tx in advance!


Try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please.

If this doesn’t help, make sure you are not using any plug-in in Trial/Demo mode, please.

Tx Martin, figured out it was an older version of the M1 still hiding on my drive… such a bad boy…

Issue is now solved. Cheers!