Korg M3 Key Acting weird on VSTs

Why in the world would my M3 do this? I don’t know when it Started and
i don’t remember doing anything specific on it:

When playing VSTs thru Cubase (not in Standalone) D2 on the bottom
actually is controlling the Filter Cutoff or the Attack on the AMP EG,
depending which VST i am using. I don’t even use the MIDI Learn function
on them, i even tried to use the FORGET command and M3 still does that.
You play thru the whole keyboard range and if you accidentally hit D2 Key
the Filter Cutoff will change, depending on how hard you hit, you can actually
see the movement of the Filter Cutoff on the actual VST instrument.
Anyone has any clue? This has to be Cubase, not M3 itself.



And i just tried now, if i transpose the Keyboard thru SW1/2 also the D2
will stop doing that, it will transfer to D3 or D1 accordingly, they will start
controlling the Parameters. And it will do only in Cubase, if i open the same
plugin in Standalone everything is ok and normal.