Korg M3-M VST plugin not able to communicate with Korg unit


I am at my wits end! I own a Korg M3-m and I need to would like to use the VST plugin in an instrument track.

The plugin loads up but is unable to communicate with the Korg M3-m unit. I have tried everything that I know and I am not a novice to cubase.

I am using cubase 8.5 and tried it with jBridge in 9 but it is exactly the same outcome. Funnily enough if I use the VST with Studio One 3.3 it works.

Is there something I may be missing with cubase. I would appreciate anyone that could provide assistance with this issue.

I am hoping that it will work as I have bought back into cubase which is my favourite DAW and I would hate to change back to Studio One.

I am using a Windows 10 x64 bit PC, with Cubase 8.5/9.0 and I using a USB cable to communicate to the Korg M3-m unit. Please shout if any needs anymore background information, to assist me with this problem.