Korg Microkey Air

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Cubasis 2 recognizes my Korg Microkey air via bluetooth and with usb connected with the apple camera kit but i can not unlock cubasis 3 LE despite it is shown connected on Cubasis 3 LE bluetooth window and i can play on demo mode with usb cable. I hace purchased Cubasis 2 already . Can transfer my purchases to Cubabis 3 LE . Any help will be well appreciated. Thank you all.

Hi drdemirel,

Thank you for your message.

Cubasis LE runs in demo mode, unless unlocked via a supported hardware device.
The app comes bundled with many devices, which are listed on our Cubasis LE website.

As of yet, Korg devices are not supported to unlock the app from demo mode.

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Thank you , I purchased the Cubasis 3 , works fine now. But one more question : I have made many purchases ( Full set of Cubasis 2LE , Cubasis 2 and Cubasis 3 LE ) and I paid for all. Apple support did not refund any of my purchases . Now I paid for the Cubasis 3 and all of the in app apps although I purchased many of them previously .Apple support says that I can not restore these purchases since the last purchase of Cubasis 3 was done with my other apple id. This seems odd to me. Is there anything you can do about it ? Thanks
PS : I can provide all invoices from apple store if you need to see them.

I do not get any responses for my purchased and can not be used apps . Any reason . I spend a lot and can not use none on my ipad 7th. edition. Please see my messages (3) regarding this. Thank you.

Hi drdemirel,

Thanks for your message.

As stated in the app descriptions, on our website and in the forum, previous instrument and effects in-app purchases can be freely transferred from Cubasis LE 2 to Cubasis LE 3.

Cubasis for iOS is distributed through the App Store, which is managed by Apple. To get a refund, please get in touch with Apple.

Please keep me updated.

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