Korg MIDI Taktile Fader Selecting Track Behavior

Just got done setting up Korg Taktile 49 with Cubase 8.5 Pro. Was a bit rough at first but now everything is working nicely and I am incredibly pleased with the quality of this controller and the screen/options. In a class beyond any other controller, IMO.

My question is about fader behavior. I am able to use the 8 faders for volume exactly as expected but moving the fader also SELECTS the track. I am not that great at MIDI so I do not know what I need to tweak either in Cubase or the controller to make it so when I move a fader it only changes the volume and does not SELECT the track. If I move 3 faders at once, the 3 tracks in question will rapidly flash grey in Cubase.

What do I need to fix/tweak/change so that when I move a fader it adjusts only the track volume and does not actually select/make the track active? The controller is Taktile 49 and it is added as Mackie Control per the Korg instructions.