Korg NanoControl2 of VST parameters

I know how to connect the nano2 to Cubase and use it under the Mackie pre set.

However, I am trying to use the device to not use it at all in terms of how the faders were meant to be. I want to be able to change faders to various VST controls within my Kontakt library.

Can anyone help me out? Much appreciated in advance.


Switch NanoKontorl 2 to the MIDI CC mode. In Cubase disable Mackie Control.

VST quick control is your best friend in these scenarios IMHO. I have a midi controller with 8 knobs I’ve configured for vst quick control. Regular midi cc values nothing else. For each plugin I can setup different defaults for each plugin. (Check the manual and YouTube for the details.)

time saver when setup and doesn’t require the vst plug-in to have any “midi learn” functionality built in.