Korg NanoKontrol 2 and CC1 problem with Cubase

I have two MIDI remote controllers connected to Cubase (13): a Nektar LX88 and a Korg NanoKontrol 2.
I mapped the first three faders on both controllers to CC1, CC11, and CC21.

With the LX88, I can control the CC1 in a track with an Expression Map with three different articulations (Kontak instrument with three instances, 1-3 channels). When I move the CC1 fader, the Dynamics slider of the articulation that is being played moves. So, I can control CC1 in the different channels.

However, when using the NanoKontrol, it only allows me to control the CC1 for the 1st articulation (channel 1), despite the articulation that is being played. This only happens with CC1 because when I move faders with CC11 and CC21 they affect the articulation being played.

In the Korg Kontrol Editor I can see that fader 1 is mapped to CC1, so is not a problem of wrong configuration.

Does anyone have this problem? Am I doing something wrong?

I’d be careful using commonly used CC’s such as CC1 as it’s the default address for Modulation Wheel messages, but I expect you’re already aware of that.

That aside, is it possible that LX88 is sending out on all MIDI channels whereas the NanoKontrol is only on MIDI Channel 1, perhaps?

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I know CC1 is the default address for the Modulation Wheel but I would like to use it with the NanoKontrol instead of the LX88.
What I find strange is that only the fader associated with CC1 is not responding with all articulations, the remaining fader/controllers (CC11 and CC21) work .