Korg Nanokontrol 2 - what am I doing wrong

Cubase Artist 12.0.20 build 263

What I did was following:
-change the three NK2 marker buttons to switch between different midi remote mapping pages (on every mapping page)
-edit few mappings from “EQ of selected track” page

Now if I do nothing after the edit those marker button edits are saved between closing and reopening Cubase 12 BUT any edits to “EQ of selected track” page are lost.

I tried to export the script after making edits. But when I import that exported script it resets completely to defaults. Is this a bug or how it is supposed to work?

So how can I modify the default script so that every change would be saved?

I got it sorted out. Seems like mapping editor doesn’t like pointing those functions out of the software. When editing using only mapping window menus it worked.