Korg NanoKontrol 2

Has anyone had experience with the Korg NanoKontrol2 with C7? I searched the forum, and found a few instances of the original NanoKontrol, mostly with C6.5 tho.

Just curious to see any opinions before I drop any cash. Seems like a very inexpensive way to help out my carpal tunnel syndrome. Thanks in advance.

The NanoKontrol and NanoKontrol 2 are very similar. I own the former and it does work as expected. The initial mapping in the Generic Remote Editor is a bit tedious, but still once you get it up and running it works as expected.

My gripes with it are that the faders are not motorized, obviously, which is really annoying. They feel like pretty cheap plastic to the point where I keep them away from mixing work. VST3 controller–yes. Multi-parameter controller–yes. Mixer faders–heck no.

Hi there

I use the nanoKontrol 2 and it works well.
Go to the device setup, click on the plus (+) sign in the device column.
Select the Mackie Control device.
Assign midi in and out the the nanoKontrol2 and you are done.

Works like a charm, except no moving faders of course… for 69... It does what is expected and does it well, and for cheap price. I'm looking at the Nektar Panorama P1, that's 299. but it looks very nice.
I’ts for Cubase and Reason…

Hope this helps…