KORG Nanokontrol is controlling Tracks 9-16 instead of 1-8

Dear all. I have a strange phenomenon since several days. My Nanokontrol 2 was used to work fine including Transport, Marker and Mixing Functions. The Faders and Knobs have controlled the first 8 Tracks how it should be. But since several days they control the tracks 9-16. I have no additional controller and I do not find a setting in the studio settings that match this problem. I wonder if - by accident - I pressed a secret shortcut on the Nano like “SET + <<” to set it in Cubase Mode. But I do not find a hint in the web. May be the problem began after installing the Arturia Betasten Pro. But I do not have a clue how to fix. I must point out: The NanoKontrol works fine (Transport, Marker etc). He is just managing the Tracks 9-16 instead of 1-8.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Make sure, there are no 2 Mackie devices in the Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Devices list, please.

Simple! Yes, thank you. That fixed it. There was a second Mackie Device Entry connected to the Arturia Beatstep Pro. I removed it and everything works as it should. Funny is that this removal had no negative Effect on the Beatstep. It works anyway.

Thank you for the quick response. Enjoy the rest of the Day.