korg nanokontrol2 and cubase 8

Hey everyone

I have nanokontrol2. However , I want to control the track volume in all of nanokontrol2 slider in cubase.

Know what I want to do halryeomyeon setting in generic remote. or cc#.

Sorry. I can not not speak English well . Let me take care of interpretation.

Hey this is the german cubase forum you might get better help in the english subforum.
I have the same control too and lots of problems with automation… For some kind of reason Cubase detects my Nano but reacts kind of wierd.
The automation goes up to the middle value in a normal way, up from the middle of its range (lets say value #65) it jumps immediately to the end. Another problem is that I can’t tweak it back, there it jumps also immiedately to value 0. So frustraitng :confused: do you encounter also problems with nano and cubase?