Korg nanokontrol2 setup

Hi guys hope someone can help me
I have just installed Cubase 7 elements and have bought a nanokontrol 2. I cannot get the controller to work at all. I have gone to devices in added mackie control but when I go to set the midi in/out there’s is no mention of the korg nano control ?
I have tried every way possible to boot the control but they all have the same result!
I hope someone can help as I’m getting quite frustrated with it


you need to add a “Generic Controller”, select nanokontrol as “MIDI IN” and map the functions manually. This controller doesn’t support the Mackie protocol. I own the old nanoKONTROL version but i think it works in the same way.

Should look like this (sry for the german screenshot):


Sorry, but that’s not true, the Korg NanoKontrol2 has a built in Mackie Emulation.

Here is an excerpt from the manual:

  1. While pressing and holding down the SET MARKER and REW
    buttons, connect the USB cable from your computer to the
  2. Open the “Device setting” window in Cubase, and add “Mackie
  3. Select nanoKONTROL2 for the MIDI In/Out ports used by “Mackie

Additionally, since Cubase 7.5 you have to switch the Mackie Control-Mode from “Cubase” to “Compatibility” (Menu Devices->Mackie Control).

EDIT: Keith Bowie, I just noticed you have Cubase Elements. I don’t know if that all applies to this version of Cubase.
EDIT2: Und irgendwie komish, im deutshen Forum English zu shreiben!?

Thanks guys . Got it sorted by deleting the registry and re installing
Thanks to all that replied

Oh ok sry :cry: Searched around on some websites and on the KORG website and it is not mentioned anywhere. But good to know :slight_smile:


does the korg nanocontrol allow for automation of tracks? Can i assign tracks to the korg and control the volume, panning, etcetc?