Korg nanokontrol2

Dear all,

I am in the process to upgrade my setup.

I would like to buy a digital piano (e.g. Casio px s1000, roland fp10 or similar) and use it as midi controller. However, these pianos does not have mod wheel or any other fader/button. I was thinking in buying a korg nanokontrol2 to use it together with the casio/roland. Will this configuration work in Dorico? I am an amateur musician on a buget, so I want to make sure I am not wasting money :sweat_smile:

Anyone using a similar setup? Any suggestion/comment will be much apreciatted


I use an ancient UC-33 for all kinds of MIDI CC control with Dorico. A nanokontrol2 (nice unit!) should be fine.

EDIT: I see, the nanoKontrol has USB out (does not look like midi out).

What I wrote originally (irrelevant): If you are using both at the same time in to Dorico, you will need to use some kind of midi merge if your audio interface/midi input only has one midi input in to your computer. There might be a midi input on your keyboard where it will merge the controller with the keyboard notes so through its midi output (to your interface) you get both streams as one, or you will need to use a separate midi merge box to do the same.

Thanks for your answers!

Just to make sure I understand well the answer. I was expecting to conect both the digital piano and Korg nanocontrol2 via usb directly to my PC. Neither of those gadgets has midi in/out. Could this configuration still work?

The UC-33 has midi in/out. Johnabram, could you give me a brief explanation on how you conect your devices to your setup?

I am quite new to all this stuff. Right now I am just using a M-audio keyRig 49 conected to my pc. If it is important, my audio interface is the UR22 mkII which have one midi in/out.

Thank you very much!


UC-33 does have MIDI connections, but I only use the USB (in parallel with a keyboard, as youโ€™re suggesting) It works well.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Best regards!