Korg or Roland for Cubase 13 elements

Good evening,
I would like to buy a Korg or Roland polyphonic synth, in the Korg I was thinking of the minilogue.
I have Cubase 13 element, and I would like to use analog synth, but I read on the forum and among the various posts, that the installation of these Synths is not exactly immediate, there is always some unexpected event… they are not like a classic Midi keyboard that connects with USB and Cubase they recognize it automatically.
Can you advise me between the two brands which is the most intuitive and easy to install?
I would like to spend around €600 max.
I hope you can help me,
Thanks in advance

You are talking about hardware synths, correct?

Yes confirm :blush:

You only mentioned the Korg minilogue. For a midi connection between that device and Cubase you can either use the USB or the 5 pin MIDI ports, if you have a MIDI interface attached to your computer.
Audio needs to be connected to your computer’s audio interface in either case.
If you have an audio interface and a free USB slot or MIDI interface the “installation” is the same as with any other device, not worse or better, standard.

Which Roland device did you have in mind?